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Operation RED Hosts Over 200 New Recruits

Operation RED Hosts Over 200 New Recruits
The Recruitment Enlistment Dinner saw over 200 recruits for the Army, Air Force, Navy and Marines take their Oath of Enlistment.

The Washington State Army Community Council hosted a dinner at the Marcus Pavillion at St. Martin's University filled with hope and promise. Over 200 new recruits for the armed forces were in attendance to hear encouraging words from keynote speakers Jamie Collins and Col. Terry Johnson. Collins is the Civilian Aide to the Secretary of the Army for Washington and Johnson Colonel for the 12th Marine Corps District. Both speakers showed compassion and respect for the young recruits in attendance, attesting to the great impact service in the armed forces will have on their lives. 

In front of parents, recruiters, and community members, the recruits proudly took their Oath of Enlistment. Some wore caps, some had long ponytails, and others had previously dyed their hair in unorthodox colors. But in that moment, they all swore to begin their new journey protecting our country. 

It was a very positive experience for all in attendace, with positive vibes radiating from the microphone on the stage, off of the smiles of the new recruits, and through the amplifiers of I Corps Army Band, who were rocking the Pavillion with classic tunes. While the band was jamming, recruits were served pizza, egg rolls and other grub from local restaurants sponsoring the events. They were able to mingle with each other, organizations in the military community, and distinguished guests including Air Force veteran and 28th District Representative Dick Muri. 

The festivities ended as dozens of recruits won raffles for gift cards, backpacks and other accessories. As each lucky number was called, recruits from the winner's branch would call out in support of their new brothers and sisters, capping off a symbolic night showcasing bonds that will last a lifetime for these recruits.