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Navy pilots return after months of fighting Houthi attacks in Red Sea

Jul 14th: The fighting against Houthi rebels in the Middle East has become the most intense running sea battle the Navy has faced since WWII. Read more ▸

One-third of US military could be robotic by 2039: Milley

Jul 14th: Retired Army Gen. Mark Milley believes AI-controlled robots will play a larger role in the U.S. military in the next 15 years. Read more ▸

Theodore Roosevelt carrier strike group operating in the Middle East

Jul 12th: The Theodore Roosevelt and its carrier strike group arrived in the U.S. 5th Fleet area of operations on Friday. Read more ▸

Navajo Marine says religious waiver will help recruit more personnel

Jul 12th: Cpl. Bradford Flores was granted a religious waiver to grow his hair out in honor of his Navajo heritage. Read more ▸

How a Coast Guard email erupted into a reckoning of sexual assault

Jul 12th: The Coast Guard’s #MeToo movement has arrived, as survivors share their experiences and frustrations with how leadership has failed them. Read more ▸

Marine gunny receives medal for saving biker’s life after California crash

Jul 11th: Marine applied two tourniquets following a motorcycle rider's collision with a sport utility vehicle. Read more ▸

Looking for a mental health provider? Tricare’s directory may not help

Jul 11th: Auditors posed as military beneficiaries and made covert calls to see if Tricare's mental health care providers were reachable and available as advertised. Read more ▸

Meal, Ready-to-Bulk? Pentagon urged to add creatine to MREs

Jul 11th: The gains-based recommendation will now await a Senate decision in order to become law. Read more ▸

License suspension extended for trucker in Marine motorcycle crash

Jul 11th: A driver acquitted in the 2019 deaths of seven Jarheads Motorcycle Club members won't get his license back for two more years. Read more ▸

US Coast Guard spots Chinese naval ships off Alaska island

Jul 11th: A U.S. Coast Guard cutter on routine patrol in the Bering Sea came across several Chinese military ships in international waters near the Aleutian Islands. Read more ▸

After last-ditch effort, the Gaza pier aid mission is coming to an end

Jul 11th: The pier mission resulted in injuries to three U.S. troops earlier this year, and much of the aid has failed to reach Gazans in need. Read more ▸

Army graduates its first cohort of new warrant officer recruiters

Jul 11th: Soldiers in the new military occupational specialty plan to use data to help the Army attract new talent. Read more ▸

Fort Campbell soldier found dead in home was stabbed nearly 70 times

Jul 11th: An autopsy shows that a Fort Campbell soldier found dead in her home had been stabbed nearly 70 times. Read more ▸

Air Combat Command boss makes the case for uniform, ops inspections

Jul 10th: Air Combat Command boss Gen. Ken Wilsbach said wings may face surprise inspections to assess their readiness for war. Read more ▸

Veterans group hits goal of recruiting 100,000 election workers

Jul 10th: When voters head to the polls to cast ballots this November, at least one out of every 10 election workers will be a veteran or a veteran's family member. Read more ▸

US to send Tomahawks, hypersonics, other long-range fires to Germany

Jul 10th: The move is in-line with the Army's plan to provide such capability to its Multidomain Task Force there. Read more ▸

Mother hopes Army policy will prevent deaths like her son’s

Jul 10th: An Army policy following the 2020 death of a then-Fort Bragg soldier would establish protocols for leaders checking on sick soldiers. Read more ▸

Bill would expand military death benefits for families of ROTC cadets

Jul 10th: It would also expand Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance for those in the Delayed Entry Program. Read more ▸

Quieting Discord: A new frontier in military leaks and extremism

Jul 10th: From secret Pentagon leaks to radicalization in the military community, Discord is continuing to grapple with keeping bad actors off the popular platform. Read more ▸

Navy Under Secretary Erik Raven to leave job in August

Jul 10th: Erik Raven has served as Navy under secretary since April 2022. Read more ▸

McConnell-based KC-46 completes around-the-world flight in 45 hours

Jul 10th: A KC-46A tanker from McConnell AFB completed a record round-the-globe sortie in 45 hours, a mission that saw multiple aerial refuelings — and a birthday. Read more ▸

Engineer charged with obstructing probe into deadly 2017 Marine crash

Jul 10th: Fifteen Marines and a sailor died in the 2017 KC-130T transport plane crash near Itta Bena, Mississippi. Read more ▸

Navy should hit back harder against Houthi online disinformation

Jul 10th: Our guest opinion writer argues the Pentagon should do more to defend against online lies and disinformation spread by the Houthis and their allies. Read more ▸

Biden unveils additional air defense aid for Ukraine at NATO summit

Jul 09th: Five countries will provide additional air defense systems for Ukraine in the coming months. Read more ▸

Sailor searched for Biden’s electronic health records, Navy says

Jul 09th: The sailor tried to access the president's health records in February but was unsuccessful, according to the Pentagon. Read more ▸

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