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3 Army Reserve officers disciplined after reservist killed 18 in Maine

Jul 23rd: An Army report cited communication failures within the chain of command, among other problems, in the aftermath of a 2023 mass shooting by Robert Card. Read more ▸

Guard nominations languish, raising concerns as top officers retire

Jul 22nd: The top National Guard Bureau officers have left or will soon retire, and to date no nominations for their replacements have been confirmed by the Senate. Read more ▸

Lawmakers urge Pentagon to ground Ospreys until crash causes are fixed

Jul 22nd: Massachusetts lawmakers called the decision to return Ospreys to limited flight status misguided. Read more ▸

Air Force colonel fired days before handing off command duties

Jul 22nd: Col. Jeremiah Hammill was relieved days ahead of turning over command after service officials cited a loss of confidence in his ability to lead. Read more ▸

Marine accused of Nazi salute at Capitol riot sentenced to prison

Jul 22nd: Tyler Bradley Dykes was an active-duty Marine when he grabbed a police riot shield and used it to push his way through the Capitol at the Jan. 6 riot. Read more ▸

Biden’s withdrawal injects uncertainty into wars, foreign policy

Jul 22nd: The scope of foreign policy challenges facing the next U.S. president highlights how consequential what happens in Washington is for the rest of the world. Read more ▸

Military families overseas scrambling as U.S. dog travel rules change

Jul 22nd: Some airlines are no longer allowing dogs to be shipped on the same flight with their owners back to the states due to new U.S. CDC rules. Read more ▸

Russia says it scrambled figther jets to intercept B-52 bombers

Jul 22nd: Moscow's defense ministry claimed U.S. military long-range bomber aircraft approached the Russian border over the Barents Sea before changing course. Read more ▸

Biden drops out of 2024 race

Jul 21st: Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin praised Biden for his "profound and personal commitment to the Department of Defense and the American military" on Sunday. Read more ▸

Biden’s pardons still fall short for many LGBTQ veterans

Jul 21st: Neither the White House nor the Defense Department could tell The War Horse exactly how many veterans will benefit — or why so many others are left out. Read more ▸

F-35 deliveries resume, but upgrade delays have ripple effects

Jul 21st: “Don’t think that the TR-3 problems are over,” said Gen. James Hecker, commander of U.S. Air Forces in Europe. Read more ▸

Fixing the military’s overweight and obesity crisis

Jul 20th: Our guest opinion writers argue that more can be done to help troops get their physical fitness squared away, both for themselves and for the nation. Read more ▸

How the sixth-generation fighter jet will upend air warfare

Jul 19th: Militaries around the world are working on planes they hope will represent a generational leap in aviation technology. Read more ▸

Drone warfare in Ukraine prompts fresh thinking in helicopter tactics

Jul 19th: The shift is animated in large part by proliferating ground-based air defenses that make manned flight over the battlefield almost impossible. Read more ▸

Virginia lawmakers restore military tuition program funding, for now

Jul 19th: Legislators repealed changes to a college financial aid program for military families and allocated $90 million to it for the next two years. Read more ▸

Navy officer convicted in Afghan visa bribery scheme

Jul 19th: Cmdr. Jeromy Pittmann was convicted for writing bogus letters of recommendation for those seeking a Special Immigrant Visa in exchange for cash. Read more ▸

US Army honors Japanese American unit that liberated Tuscany in WWII

Jul 18th: The 442nd was key in liberating Italy’s Tuscan region from Nazi-Fascist forces, even while their families were interned at home as enemies of the state. Read more ▸

Navy missile intercepts target using Army’s new missile defense radar

Jul 18th: The Navy's SM-6 missile intercepted a target in a test during Valiant Shield using the Army's new missile defense radar and battle command system. Read more ▸

Iranian proxies attack US base in Iraq for the first time in months

Jul 18th: No U.S. injuries were reported in Tuesday's attack on al-Asad Air Base in western Iraq, the Pentagon said. But it's the first such attack since April. Read more ▸

Families of US troops killed in Kabul airport bombing criticize Biden

Jul 18th: Relatives of some of the 13 troops killed in the attack criticized President Biden for how the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan was handled. Read more ▸

New VA chief of staff sworn in

Jul 18th: Meg Kabat was sworn in Wednesday as the chief of staff for The Department of Veterans Affairs. Read more ▸

Military, veterans can stream Paris Olympics coverage for free

Jul 18th: Those in all service branches can stream NBCUniversal's coverage through a partnership with AAFES. Read more ▸

Family of aircraft carrier sailor who died by suicide files lawsuit

Jul 18th: Master-at-Arms Seaman Recruit Xavier Mitchell-Sandor is one of at least three sailors that died by suicide aboard the carrier in April 2022. Read more ▸

Pentagon leaker Jack Teixeira to face court-martial

Jul 17th: After pleading guilty in federal court for leaking classified military documents, the Massachusetts Air National Guardsman now faces military charges. Read more ▸

Navy clears Black sailors unjustly punished after 1944 deadly blast

Jul 17th: Surviving Black sailors of the Port Chicago explosion had to pick up human remains and clear the blast site while white officers were granted leave. Read more ▸

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