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First Black Navy SEAL, William Goines, dies at 88

Jun 18th: Goines served three tours in Vietnam before serving five years with the Chuting Stars, a Navy Parachute Demonstration Team. Read more ▸

Jury selection begins in Air Force general’s sexual assault trial

Jun 18th: Jury selection is officially underway as Maj. Gen. Phillip Stewart faces court-martial for sexual assault and other alleged crimes. Read more ▸

Thousands of airmen face inspection as 4-star warns of lax standards

Jun 18th: Air Combat Command boss Gen. Kenneth Wilsbach has given the command's 28 wings a month to inspect all airmen for compliance with dress and appearance regs. Read more ▸

Marines Corps’ landing ship taking longer, costing more than planned

Jun 18th: A key vessel Marines need to move around in a potential island shootout with China is two years behind schedule. Read more ▸

Southern border mission has no military value, Guard chief warns

Jun 18th: Gen. Daniel Hokanson said the ongoing southern border mission is not helping troops improve military readiness. Read more ▸

Coast Guard station head fired over harassment claim inaction

Jun 18th: Ruhlig’s firing follows a string of recent dismissals within Coast Guard leadership. Read more ▸

Master sergeant earns Bronze Star for leadership after Al Asad attack

Jun 18th: Master Sgt. Peter Pease was awarded a Bronze Star for his actions at Al Asad Air Base, Iraq, following a drone attack in October 2023. Read more ▸

What troops need to know about military retirement pay in 2024

Jun 18th: Learn about retirement pay and more in Military Times' 2024 Pay and Benefits Guide. Read more ▸

Police call profit: Soldiers sold 29,000 pounds of brass to scrapyard

Jun 18th: A scrapyard agreed to pay to resolve allegations it sold shell casings it improperly received from two soldiers and an Army civilian employee. Read more ▸

Vietnam veterans recount their missions through the deadly jungle

Jun 18th: Veterans of the Vietnam War’s long-range reconnaissance patrols recount their missions through the jungle, where they faced far more than just the enemy. Read more ▸

What troops need to know about the basic needs allowance in 2024

Jun 18th: Learn about the basic needs allowance and more in Military Times' 2024 Pay and Benefits Guide. Read more ▸

Codename Nemo: How nine men captured a Nazi sub and shortened WWII

Jun 18th: The U.S. antisubmarine task force captured the Nazi submarine along with its crew, technology, encryption codes and a working Enigma cipher machine. Read more ▸

Border mission reshapes perspectives of New Hampshire Guardsmen

Jun 17th: "It’s heavy in every single way you could fathom," said a Guardsman. "It’s almost like there is no right or wrong answer to how to handle things.” Read more ▸

Marine captains honored for saving a man’s life in the Dallas airport

Jun 17th: The two pilots each received the Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal. Read more ▸

Russian warships leave Havana’s port after a 5-day visit to Cuba

Jun 17th: The drills have been seen as a show of strength by Moscow as the U.S. and other Western countries support Kyiv in Russia's war on Ukraine. Read more ▸

Pentagon’s contracting speed lane sometimes no faster, says watchdog

Jun 17th: The "middle-tier acquisition" pathway is running into some of the same issues affecting the Pentagon's regular contracting process, a report found. Read more ▸

2 airmen disabled in ATV rollover after speeding without seatbelts

Jun 17th: An Air Force investigation into a tactical vehicle accident revealed that speeding and failure to follow safety guidelines contributed to a tragic result. Read more ▸

Battling bureaucracy after burn pits: Why are contractors left behind?

Jun 17th: While the historic PACT Act protects veterans, tens of thousands of contract workers must fight for coverage of illnesses linked to post-9/11 wars. Read more ▸

Reservist in Maine shooting was a “low threat” after hospital release

Jun 17th: An Army Reserves lieutenant colonel testified that there were no signs reservist Robert Card might commit a mass shooting. Read more ▸

Marines move some recruiting centers to urban hubs in massive realignment

Jun 17th: To date, they have closed the Corps’ recruiting station headquarters in Cleveland, Pittsburgh and Des Moines, Iowa. Read more ▸

California Guard doubles troop numbers for drug interdiction mission

Jun 17th: The California National Guard is doubling the number of its troops deployed to help interdict illegal drugs, including at the southern border. Read more ▸

What troops need to know about the basic allowance for housing in 2024

Jun 17th: Learn about the basic allowance for housing and more in Military Times' 2024 Pay and Benefits Guide. Read more ▸

Israel revives trebuchet, a catapult variant forces are using at border

Jun 17th: The weapon’s purpose is to launch beyond fortifications, like that separating Israel from Lebanon. Read more ▸

Despite false Houthi claims, the Ike aircraft carrier fights on

Jun 17th: The aircraft carrier Dwight D. Eisenhower is battling not only Houthi attacks, but also bad gouge that the Iran-backed rebels sunk the ship. Read more ▸

What troops need to know about the military’s basic pay in 2024

Jun 17th: Learn about basic pay and more in Military Times' 2024 Pay and Benefits Guide. Read more ▸

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