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Ms. Veteran America Shows the Woman Beyond the Uniform

Proceeds from the event provides housing for homeless veteran women

Ms. Veteran America Shows the Woman Beyond the Uniform
2017's Ms. Veteran America is an annual competition to showcase "The Woman Beyond the Uniform." This year's event is held in Washington D.C. on October 8th, with all proceeds going to benefit homeless women veterans and their children.

The women recognized in the competition to award Ms .Veteran America boast backgrounds and achievements that verify they've earned their way into recognition as 25 of the most significant women veterans in the country. 

Ranging in service from the Air National Guard, Army, Navy, Marine Corps and Air Force, many of the women continued their service upon departure from the military. Among the women are veteran assistance and non-for-profit organization chairs, a NASA employee, and a current National Parks Services employee. 

Last year, Molly Mae Potter was crowned Ms. Veteran America 2016. To get a taste of what the '17 winner's accomplishments might look like, Potter followed up her SOCOM service with a position working as the Operations Manager for the Vice President of Client Product Operations and Strategy at Dell Computers. Potter overcame bouts with PTSD and was recently named one of the Emerging Leaders of the Air Force Association in 2017. 

Who will be Potter's worthy successor? The pool of ladies is: Leanne Babcock, Shelsea Evans, Ebonii Foster, Taysha Glass, Monique Gray, Lindsay Gutierrez, Lisa Jackson, CyTique Johnson, Leslie Latimore-Lorfils, Rebecca Leal, Rebekah Lloyd, Christina Mathews, Casey McCabe, Callie Mondy, Savannah Raskey, Jackie Rosenow, Katie Seaton, Shante Stevens, Jennifer Sweet-Lopez, Kathryn Taggart, Amanda Tallman, Cassandra Taylor, Christina Vitale, Tyierra Wilson and Kelli Wray. 

All proceeds from the event go to combating women veteran homelessness. The beneficiary is Final Salute Inc, an organization dedicated to remedying homeless issues in the women veteran community. Currently, there are about 55,000 homeless women veterans in the United States.Homeless veteran women, especially those with children, have a very different and specific set of needs, and these are what Finale Salute Inc dedicates themselves to helping with. You can find out about more events benefitting women veterans by following this link. 

Actor Lamman Rucker and veteran "Glamputee" Marissa Strock will host the event. You can visit to follow the event.