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Navy forges maritime space officer designator

Diana Stancy Correll

The U.S. Navy
The Navy has created a maritime space officer designator to serve within the Information Warfare Community, and is accepting applications for lateral transfers through October.

“MSO establishment is a major milestone in building out the Navy space community,” a naval administrative message released in August said. “MSOs will be the maritime space integration and planning professionals of the Navy, providing a unique combination of prior warfare qualification, operational experience and fundamental knowledge and background in space-related capabilities.”

These officers will be “assigned globally to fill key space oriented positions” at Navy Maritime Operation Centers, Navy Warfighting Development Centers, U.S. Space Command, and the National Intelligence Community and the Information Warfare Type Command.

The NAVADMIN said that standing up this maritime space officer community is essential to producing national security objectives and incorporating space capabilities into maritime operations.

“Establishing the Maritime Space Officer community is a huge step in building the space technical proficiency the Navy needs to maintain naval superiority now and into the future,” Vice Adm. Kelly Aeschbach, Commander of Naval Information Forces, said in a Navy news release. “This move is critical in establishing a community of Navy space experts who can be intentionally managed and detailed to key Navy and Joint assignments.”

Warfare qualified officers with six years of commissioned service may apply, and prior space-related experience or education is strongly preferred.

Applications are due no later than Oct. 5, and selection updates will be provided once an initial accessions list is compiled.