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9 South Sound Spots to Watch Monday's Eclipse

You’re not going to need to go down to Oregon to get a spectacular view of Monday’s eclipse.

9 South Sound Spots to Watch Monday
Right here in the South Sound, we’re going to experience up to 94% of a total eclipse, so rather than putting yourself through the stress of navigating the highway parking lot, take a short ride to one of these locations with some friends - if you can get out of work!

The partial eclipse in Tacoma starts at 9:08 am and wraps up around 11:38 am, and you’re going to be wanting a location with great views southeast. Here are some noteworthy spots to take in the moment, as well as some special events going on in the community, which we’ve provided links to with more details. 

Ruston Waterfront

The Ruston Waterfront in Tacoma offers huge real estate to watch the eclipse over Commencement Bay. You can post up near Point Ruston or head on down to Jack Hyde Park. There’s plenty of space, but it’s also going to be a popular spot due to the parks, docks, walkways and grass areas that speckle the waterfront. Make sure that you bring your own pair of eclipse viewing glasses, some blankets or a chair, and get there early! 

Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium

The central plaza at Point Defiance Zoo is another great spot to take in the eclipse. The zoo is giving away eclipse glasses to the first 400 people who visit the park, so if you get there early you’re in luck! Point Defiance’s zoo animals may have some wild reactions to this event too, providing a different perspective to this rarity. 

PLU’s Red Square

PLU offers a scholastic approach to eclipse viewing. At *:30 at the Anderson University Center (Rm. 201) Physics Professor Sean O’Neill will lead a discussion about the whys whos and whats of an eclipse. At 9 am, when the eclipse begins, activities move to Red Square where there’ll be eclipse glasses to the first 250 attendees as well as access to their Sunspotter, portable telescope and pinhole projectors. Chairs and complimentary beverages are provided too!

Pierce College Science Dome

Pierce College’s Science Dome offers pre and post-eclipse planetarium presentations in their Science Dome. It’s a totally-free event too! Gain a better understanding of the cosmos while you take in the eclipse. 

Local Parks with Viewing Opportunities:

Chambers Bay 

Sunrise Beach 

Sea Cliff Park 

Maury Island Park 

Fireman’s Park