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After 80-Plus Years In Military, Mattis, Kelly Breathe Sacrifice And Service

After 80-Plus Years In Military, Mattis, Kelly Breathe Sacrifice And Service
In the volatile world we live in, global threats are on the rise; our military is spread thin while still maintaining the same demanding workload; and our southern border is often described as a “war zone.” This means that the team of generals President-elect Trump is assembling is exactly the type of leadership we need across our current mismanaged government.

The recent announcement of Marine Gen. James Mattis as secretary of Defense and Marine Gen. John Kelly as secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) gave notice to the Pentagon, and all agencies within DHS, that the status quo is no longer valid and that desperately needed change is looming.

Throughout the past eight years our military has been cut to pre-World War II levels, including priceless training necessary to prepare our military for mission success.

Our military servicemen and women are continually forced to do more with less. On a short term basis, that is often expected of those in uniform, but in the long term, when fighting two separate wars and having a spider web of global obligations with no end in sight, the commander-in-chief owes them the best training and equipment to ensure our military never goes into combat unprepared because of political decisions and gridlock back at home.

Our country has never been less secure. The House Homeland Security Committee released a report earlier this week stating the United States is facing its highest threat of radical Islamic terror since 9/11, with homegrown or self-radicalized terrorist a significant factor.

For the naysayers who continue to criticize Trump’s military picks (and would criticize regardless of who was selected) as some sort of hostile-military takeover, relax — the U.S. military is world’s most elite leadership institute and has produced some of our nation’s finest leaders, to include Mattis and Kelly.


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