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Air Force Modifies Tattoo Policy

Air Force Modifies Tattoo Policy
The new guidelines eliminate the limit on tattoo coverage as long as they aren’t above the neck or on the hands.

The Air Force announced today a new, more inclusive tattoo policy that will increase the number of qualified candidates they can bring in.

They are eliminating their previous “25 percent” coverage rule, and now permit all tattoos that are below the neck. The policy also restricts tattoos on hands, allowing just wedding bands and small tattoos that are grandfathered in. Offensive tattoos remain banned.

The progressive move from the Air Force follows action from other branches of the military in recent years.

In 2016, Air Force Secretary Deborah Lee James hinted towards a change in tattoo policy in a statement, saying “We identified specific changes we can make to allow more members of our nation to serve without compromising quality.”

The Air Force also modified its medical accession waiver process to be more inclusive, with notes on pre-accession marijuana use, eczema, ADHD and asthma. The full story on these changes along with the new tattoo policy is available here.