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Military Minute - October 12th

Communism at West Point, Perfect Rifles, Marine Boot Camp Changes and More!

Military Minute - October 12th
On today's episode, we're talking about communism at West Point, an unmissable rifle in development, changes to the Marine Corps Boot Camp and our South Sound Haunted House Guide.


West Point Superintendent Speaks on pro-Communist graduate


Since photos surfaced in late September of a now-second lieutenant sporting a Che Guevara T-shirt under his uniform at West Point’s 2016 graduation and commissioning ceremony, West Point and the Army have drawn the ire of everyone from active-duty soldiers to a Florida senator.


On Wednesday, West Point superintendent Lt. Gen. Robert Caslen responded to the outrage in a letter addressed to the men and women of the U.S. Military Academy.


“I ask that you help me prevent the negativity associated with the alleged behavior of one graduate from causing us to lose sight of the thousands of graduates who sacrifice and serve honorably every day,” he wrote. 


Army Engineering Unmissable Rifle Optics


“We’re trying to attack the problem of aim error. When you want to hit a target, you have to take into account the weapon, the ammo, the environments and the shooter,” ARDEC researcher Terence Rice said at the time. “And given the fact that we’re using sensors, computers, and hardware … we can engage targets faster now. What this concept does is reduce aim error and engage targets quicker.”  


Marines Adding 4th Counseling Phase to Boot Camp


The new phase will be an opportunity for Marine-to-Marine mentorship, with drill instructors counseling new Marines on everything from leadership and finances to what’s in store for them once they hit the fleet.


“Now you’ve got somebody who’s been a drill instructor and been intimately involved in this transformation, and now you have another few days to talk to their new Marines as a fellow Marine about what it’s going to be like to go out in the rest of their journey as a Marine,” Gen. Robert Neller, the Marine Corps commandant, says in the video.


The changes go into effect beginning November 2017, and though boot camp will remain 13 weeks, some training events will be shuffled around to make room for the new phase, which will expand upon the current four-day block, previously referred to as “Marine Week.”


Haunted House Guide 


Get the spooky scoop on the Haunted House events in the South Sound here.