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Kim Jong Un is the patron saint of hilarious photos

J.D. Simkins

We’re not all photogenic. Some of us wander through life desperately searching for the right hair style, a presentable physique, or a face that doesn’t elicit a “That person’s definitely a murderer” reaction.

And then there’s Kim Jong Un.

In a world in which it is now mandatory to accompany every activity by photographic evidence — photos of outfits, photos of pets, photos of pets’ outfits on pet-owned Instagram pages — Kim, with every resource in North Korea at his disposal, stands above us all.

Does Kim want an outing in 1920s mobster garb? No problem. Supreme leader desires a photo suffocated by hysterical women in a scene comparable only to Beatlemania? Consider it done. Platinum firearms? Easy. Head of the Workers’ Party wishes to play pretend as one of the elite horsemen of Middle Earth? Well...

To the rest of the world Kim may look like a hybrid Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and Russell (from the Pixar movie “Up”), but don’t be fooled — in North Korea he is Kim Jong Swoon.

The Swoon once again put on a show for the cameras this week while commemorating the 67th anniversary of the Korean War armistice.

To celebrate the occasion the supreme leader awarded engraved pistols to his most loyal officers, a cohort that had the pleasure of snapping numerous photos with their new sidearms alongside a beaming Kim.

Forget muzzle or trigger discipline. Not even bullets can penetrate a North Korean officer when he’s cloaked by the biggest military hat in the world, one rumored to double as an ottoman or end table when not resting on one’s cranium.

The photos mark just another series of terrific shots in a long list of them. So, in honor of Kim’s Zoolander-like prowess in front of a lens, we present our top-10 (with links) greatest hits of the supreme leader.

10. Regal Lord of the Rings Kim

9. Kim meets Kimchi and can’t contain his joy

8. More Kim Beatlemania

7. Kim admires pigs

6. Un finds the orphanage hilarious

5. Kim snaps a photo with crying children after they put on ”We Are the Happiest in the World” performance (legitimately what it was called)

4. Supreme leader gets stoked on farming

3. Kim hits the slopes and shreds the gnar 

2. Kim goes spread eagle on a solo ski lift ride

1. Supreme leader is pumped for lube