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Military Minute - June 20th

USS Fitzgerald, Hepatitis Scares, and an Amazon Giveaway

Military Minute - June 20th
The WAMilitary Minute gives you 5 of the latest and greatest stories from our military world every Tuesday and Thursday. Today's briefing includes the bios of the USS Fitzgerald 7, a disturbing new sanitation study out of the Al Udeid Air Base in Qatar, and an Amazon Gift Card Giveaway we're doing!


The USS Fitzgerald 7

Navy Times has provided follow-up bios and information for the 7 USS Fitzgerald sailors who lost their lives in a collision with a Phillippine merchant boat off of the coast of Japan. “Among the seven U.S. Navy sailors who died in the Saturday collision between the USS Fitzgerald and a Philippine-flagged container ship off Japan were an Ohio man expecting to retire soon, a Maryland man who was his father's best friend, and a former volunteer firefighter in his Virginia hometown.” 

AFA Golf Tournament

Registration kicks off at 11am this Friday at Eagle’s Pride Golf Course in DuPont for the AFA Golf Tournament, the shotgun start kicking off at 1pm. We’ll be sponsoring a hole with refreshments, goodies and a tent just in case the rain descends upon us. We hope to see you there! Even if it’s just to avoid getting wet. If you aren’t at the event but want to feel like you are, check out our Facebook page all day Friday, where we’ll be posting updates throughout the event. 

Al Udeid HIV Concerns

There’s concern that up to 135 patients serviced at the Al Udeid Air Base in Qatar could have contact tools that were exceedingly unsanitary. The Air Force Times reported: “Improperly-cleaned medical equipment at the clinic at Al Udeid Air Base in Qatar may have exposed as many as 135 patients to blood-borne diseases such as HIV and Hepatitis B and C over an eight-year period.” 

Amazon Gift Card Contest

Could you use $200 dollars this summer? We’re giving away a $200 Amazon Gift Card to a random winner who registers for our contest on our homepage. You don’t have to be military to enter the competition, we just ask that you tell a military-affiliated person about our website. This is our advertising budget. We’d rather give it to you and have you spread the word than to throw it at a campaign with some company. Spread the word about our contest and have the chance to win a $50 certificate as well. It’s easy to sign up and there’s no strings attached! Winners will be announced on Tuesday, June 27th at 12pm.