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Military Minute - June 15th

Afghanistan, Steve Scalise, Hiring Veterans and more.

Military Minute - June 15th
The WAMilitary Minute gives you 5 of the latest and greatest stories from our military world every Tuesday and Thursday. Today's briefing includes the military debut of a new combat vehicle, General Mattis' Afghanistan update, and a veteran hiring event in Seattle.


Majority Whip Shot

A demented shooter fired wildly into a team of Republican congressional charity baseball players yesterday morning. At least five were injured, including House Majority Whip Steve Scalise. Each of the injured are expected to make full recoveries, including Scalise, whose wounds were immediately tended to by Army veteran and Ohio Rep Brad Wenstrup. 

New Combat Vehicle

The military’s newest combat vehicle has reached the 10th Mountain Division at New York’s Fort Drum and the Marines in the II Marine Expeditionary Force in North Carolina. The Joint Light Tactical Vehicle - or JLTV will be replacing many of the duties of the Humvee, and the military will be buying about 55,000 JLTVs.   

Mattis Controls Afghanistan

President Trump has officially handed over authority to determine troop levels in Afghanistan to Secretary of Defense James Mattis. It’s expected the move will send thousands more troops over to Afghanistan, as Mattis recently said that the warzone was a stalemate and that “We will correct this as soon as possible”   

SafeCo Veteran’s Hiring Expo

“Join us for a one-of-a-kind event featuring a hiring fair, networking opportunities and workshops tailored for veteran job seekers, active duty military members, guard and reserve members, and military spouses.

Participants are eligible to receive up to two (2) free tickets for them and their families to attend that evening’s game between the Mariners and Phillies – limited tickets available.

The event is hosted by Hiring our Heroes - you can find more details in the description below.” 

No Phones While Driving

Washington state law goes into effect next week that makes it illegal to hold your phone while driving, and the law goes for JBLM too. Put your devices away, because it’s illegal for a reason - it’s dangerous and you’ll get a DUIE.