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Military Minute - July 4th Special

BAH Changes, Space Corps, and Military Transgender Policy Review

Military Minute - July 4th Special
The WAMilitary Minute gives you 5 of the latest and greatest stories from our military world every Tuesday and Thursday. Today's briefing includes possible cuts to BAH, a review of requirements for transgendered individuals looking to enlist, and another step forward for the Space Corps program.


Housing Stipends Cut Proposed


The Senate has found a new way to save money, but this time it’s at a cost to military families — specifically those where both spouses are active duty service members.

A new proposal considered by the Senate Armed Services Committee last week would require that dual military couples receive basic allowance for housing (BAH) stipends at the “without dependents” rate, even if they have children. Because, these families currently receive two housing allowances, the Senate apparently believes they they don’t need the bonus housing cash that is given to military families who have children.

Around 6.4% of active duty service members are in dual-military marriages, according to a 2015 Department of Defense report, and Military Times estimates there are 84,000 dual military couples across the armed forces.


U.S. Space Corps goes forward


The House Armed Services Committee voted Wednesday to move forward with the creation of a Space Corps, but some lawmakers and Air Force officials oppose the plan.


The measure would create a sixth branch of the armed services, with its own chief of staff. It would still fall under the auspices of the secretary of the Air Force, similar to the way the Navy and Marine Corps is organized under the secretary of the Navy.


Mattis Delays Transgender Policy


Defense Secretary Jim Mattis is giving the military chiefs another six months to conduct a review to determine if allowing transgender individuals to enlist in the armed services will affect the "readiness or lethality" of the force.

Pentagon spokeswoman Dana White said Mattis made the decision Friday. The delay in allowing the enlistment of new recruits does not affect transgender troops who are already serving openly in the military.


Run Forrest Run 5k

Last week we teased the upcoming Gary Sinise and the Lt. Dan Band Concert at Memorial Stadium on June 15th. There’s also going to be the Run Forrest Run 5k in conjunction with the event, you can find signup details here.