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Naval Officer from Lacey Wins Jeopardy with $1

The last time this feat occurred, the winner was an Air Force Lt. Colonel

Naval Officer from Lacey Wins Jeopardy with $1
Manny Abell was a three-day champion entering Final Jeopardy on Alex Trebek's transcendent trivia television show last night. But his reign appeared to be over.

The Lacey Naval officer had accumulated $42,798 dollars in his three winning games prior - and in unbelievable fashion, he needed just one more dollar to keep his spot in the winner's circle. His two opponents, who had each placed down $12,300 in an effort to outbid each other, got the question wrong and lost all their money. Manny also couldn't correctly answer "The only country that borders both the Caspian Sea and the Persian Gulf" (Iran). But his "Iraq" answer and bid was just a little bit more correct than his podium-mates. Check it out:




For the record, Manny's $1 victory is just the second of its kind. The previous $1 winner? Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Darryl Scott in 1993! The military personnel on Jeopardy know how to outwit their opponents. Watch Manny look to continue the streak tonight, and check out Darryl's victory below.