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Military Minute - August 8th

Free School Supplies, North Korean Nukes, Drones Policy & Local Veteran Help

Military Minute - August 8th
The WAMilitary Minute gives you 4 of the latest and greatest stories from our military world every Tuesday and Thursday. Today's briefing includes an update on North Korea's nuclear arsenal, a new policy regarding drones and military bases, free school supplies for our community and a program meant to help veterans heal emotional scars.


New Drone Policy 

"The Pentagon has signed off on a new policy that will allow military bases to shoot down private or commercial drones that are deemed a threat, Pentagon spokesman Navy Capt. Jeff Davis said Monday.

The policy itself is classified and was transmitted to the services in July, Davis said. Broadly, it outlines the rules of engagement for a base when a private or commercial drone is encroaching upon its airspace.

On Friday, unclassified guidance was sent to each of the services on how to communicate the new policy to local communities." 

North Korea's Miniaturized Nukes

"North Korea may have successfully produced a miniaturized nuclear warhead that can fit inside its missiles, passing a key threshold in becoming a full-fledged nuclear power, according to a Japanese defense paper and a U.S. media report.

The U.N. Security Council this weekend slapped its toughest sanctions yet on North Korea over its latest test of a ballistic missile that could be used to deliver a nuclear weapon. Despite the rapid tempo of these tests, uncertainty has lingered over the isolated nation’s ability to couple such a missile with a nuclear device.

Those uncertainties appear to be receding.

Japan’s Defense Ministry concluded in an annual white paper released Tuesday that “it is possible that North Korea has achieved the miniaturization of nuclear weapons and has developed nuclear warheads.” Japan, a key U.S. ally, is also a potential target of North Korean aggression." 

Operation Veteran Freedom Workshop

Saturday, August 19th from 10 to 4:30pm 

A transformational workshop for Veterans and their families, led by a Vietnam-era combat veteran who can relate and give you the power to shift your view of life. 

Have you ever asked:

How come home doesn’t feel like home?

What is the matter with me?

What can I do now?

If so, register here: 

Camp Murray School Supply & Resource Fair 

2pm - 6pm, August 18th at Camp Murray

Free School Supplies for your kids, all branches and veterans welcome, it’s for children residing in your home and listed in DEERS. There’s also going to be hot dogs there, too! You’re gonna want to register and get there early. Do so by following this link: