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Pierce Transit Announces Change in Fares

The cost for a SHUTTLE paratransit ride goes to $1.75 Sept. 1

Pierce Transit Announces Change in Fares
Pierce Transit's Board of Commissioners voted on the change at their July 10 meeting, with future plans to add new benefits for riders.

Here's the press release from our friends at Pierce Transit:

Pierce Transit’s Board of Commissioners voted at its July 10 meeting to change SHUTTLE paratransit fares starting Sept. 1. Approval of the new fares follows a public hearing on the proposed new fares in June.

The cost for a SHUTTLE paratransit ride will change from $1.25 to $1.75. Even with the new rate, Pierce Transit will have among the lowest-cost paratransit fares in the region, with King County Metro currently at $1.75 per ride, and Community Transit (Snohomish County) at $2.25 per ride. Under ADA law, transit agencies may charge up to twice the fixed-route fare for a comparable SHUTTLE trip. The current cost for a Pierce Transit fixed-route ride is $2.00.

Current and future SHUTTLE fares are as follows:

Category                                     Current rate        New rate, effective Sept. 1

SHUTTLE Cash Fare                 $1.25                   $1.75

SHUTTLE One-Ride Tickets *    $1.25                   $1.75  

SHUTTLE Monthly Pass             $45                      $63 

*Certified Human Service Agencies may purchase one-ride tickets. One-ride tickets are not available to the general public.

All other fares will remain the same.

While implementing a SHUTTLE fare increase, Pierce Transit is also putting plans in place for new technology that will provide SHUTTLE users with many new benefits, including:

  • The ability for customers to confirm their ride(s) 24 hours a day, seven days a week (currently only possible from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.)
  • The option to receive a confirmation call the night before the ride;
  • The ability to check on the status of a ride via voice system, without having to wait on hold for a dispatcher; and
  • The option to receive an alert when the SHUTTLE vehicle is on the way to pick them up.

The new features are expected to be available by early 2018.