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Military Minute - September 21st

Take a Warrior Fishing this Week

Military Minute - September 21st
On today's offsite Military Minute, we're sharing stories about Russia's aid of Syrian Forces, news on the Marine Corps' first female infantry officer, and some local events benefiting our veterans.

Russian Troops join Syrian Forces

Russia on Thursday issued a stern warning to U.S. forces and their allies in Syria, saying it has deployed Russian special forces alongside Syrian government troops in the battle for the oil-rich Deir el-Zour province and that Moscow would retaliate if the Russians come under fire.

The Russian Ministry of Defense said the U.S-backed Syrian Democratic Forces have already shelled Syrian government positions outside of Deir el-Zour twice in recent days.

The Russian special forces deployment raises the specter of a direct confrontation on the ground between Russian forces and pro-Syrian troops they back on one side, and the U.S.-supported Kurdish-led Syrian forces on the other. U.S. special forces are also operating with the SDF, providing artillery and other support. 

The Marine Corps Is About To Graduate Its First Female Infantry Officer

The Marine Corps is on track to graduate its first female Marine infantry officer from its notoriously intense 13-week course, several Marine Corps officials told Task & Purpose, a historic first for the service branch.

The news was first reported by the Washington Post.

The unidentified Marine lieutenant, the 31st female candidate for the branch’s grueling Infantry Officer Course, has officially completed PALMFEX, the three-week live-fire exercise conducted at Twentynine Palms in California that marks a “culminating event” for all aspiring infantry officers, alongside her male colleagues. She is expected to graduate on Sept. 25. 

Kitsap Area Veterans Alliance Event - September 30th

This Kitsap Area Veterans Alliance will be offering the following to area veterans at this event:

  • accessing VA benefits & services 
  • hot meal & refreshments
  • housing assistance 
  • legal services 
  • female veteran services
  • child support & enrollment 
  • employment referrals & assistance
  • education/training resources 
  • dental screening
  • haircuts 
  • emergency shelter & other social services 
  • counseling & substance abuse referrals 
  • food items
  • personal care items 
  • surplus gear and more

More details: 

Take A Warrior Fishing - This Saturday

We'll let organizer Ashley Brendle speak to this event!