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The Army wants you... to revive its branding effort

J.D. Simkins

The Army wants you... to revive its branding effort
The Army is ready to put in whatever work it takes to no longer be the target of ad campaign mockery.

The service announced last month that officers wanting to pursue dreams of marketing wizardry will now be able to do so in an Army uniform.

The job, officially designated “FA58,” was created by the service to "acquire, develop, employ, and retain the marketing talent needed to deliver a cutting-edge marketing capability commensurate with one of the nation’s largest brands — the U.S. Army,” Dr. E. Casey Wardynski, assistant secretary of the Army for Manpower and Reserve Affairs said in the Army release.

About 15 to 20 officers a year will be selected to be the Army’s new marketing talent over the course of the next five or six years, the release said. Each selectee is expected to be a top performer in their previous role and possess an MBA from a top program — or have commensurate private-sector experience.

The way the Army sees it, using its own marketing officers will finally yield the type of unique content only those who have actually worn the uniform can recognize and appreciate.

“The unique experiences of both Soldiers and marketing experts will ensure FA58 officers possess an integral understanding of Army operations and the value proposition of service in order to create, analyze, and lead Army marketing strategy and execution,” Wardynski said in the release.

If selected, Capt. Marketing Guru will typically kick off the brand-centric billet at the service’s Chicago, Illinois, marketing headquarters, working alongside other notable figures in the industry.

U.S. Army Recruiting Command, U.S. Army Cadet Command, and West Point are included in the list of potential destinations once training in Chicago is completed.

Eligible officers — from the rank of captain to colonel — have until Jan. 19, 2020 to apply. Interested applicants can also email

This could finally be your chance to be all you can be — an Army of one who’s Army strong — and produce some noteworthy branding that warriors want(ed) ... or just one that will finally stick.

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