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This Air Force base is looking to add self-serve beer taps to its arsenal

Sarah Sicard

Wings Grille & Lounge is seeking to ramp up its beer service. (Canva photo)
Those stationed at Ohio’s Wright-Patterson Air Force Base soon won’t have to crack open a cold one from the comfort of home to enjoy a hand-selected beverage. Instead, patrons of Wings Grille & Lounge will soon be able to play bartender.

In an attempt to “augment its current draft beer capabilities,” Wings put out an official request to acquire a system of up to 20 additional taps that can be connected directly through the bar wall to beer in the walk-in freezer. If that’s not the definition of lethality, I don’t know what is.

Those 20 do-it-yourself taps can be enjoyed in addition to the 12 the establishment already has, making for “32 self-serve and self-pay draft beer taps”.

The equipment solicitation also asks beer-enthusiasts to purchase prepaid swipe cards. Like Dave & Busters, but instead of dispensing funds for arcade games, you’ll get a swipe card for a frosty beverage.

So, once this whole COVID-19 nightmare releases us from its vice grip, go out and drown your sorrows at a classy, vibrant on-base establishment that enables the opening and closing of your tab on your own terms, because aim high.

Beer funnels, helmets, and other accessories are not included, however. You’ll have to bring your own.