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US paratroopers injured in Germany training accident

The Associated Press

US paratroopers injured in Germany training accident
BERLIN — Six American soldiers were injured in a training accident in Germany when they drifted off course during a parachute drop, the military said Thursday.

The accident occurred at the Grafenwoehr training area on Wednesday, when several soldiers from the 173rd Airborne Brigade landed in trees, said Maj. Chris Bradley, spokesman for the brigade.

German emergency teams responded to the scene and one rescuer was injured during the operation, Bradley said.

Of the six soldiers who were injured, three remained in local hospitals Thursday for further evaluation and treatment. The others have returned to their units.

All injured are expected to fully recover, Bradley said.

The cause of the incident is under investigation by U.S. Army authorities.

“Airborne operations carry inherent risks,” he said. “This is precisely why we practice all phases of jumping regularly and ensure our paratroopers jump often to keep their skills sharp.”