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Watch this Air Force couple use Zoom to celebrate their wedding

Diana Stancy Correll

Watch this Air Force couple use Zoom to celebrate their wedding
The coronavirus didn’t stop Air Force Staff Sgt. Nicholas Smith and Erica Mosca from celebrating tying the knot last month — via Zoom.

Smith, who is stationed at Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada, already had a ring picked out for Mosca and received her family’s permission, but still had yet to officially propose. Since Mosca already uses Zoom for her job, they had joked about having a virtual wedding ceremony and reception.

“I was waiting for that ring to get designed and then I was going to do an official proposal," Smith said. "And just with everything going on, I didn’t know when that was going to happen.”

“He just woke up one day and said, ‘Maybe we should just do it!’” Mosca said.

Rather than wait any longer, they opted to hold a ceremony and reception for their family and friends all over the world on Zoom — a plan that came together in less than a week.

“We really did wake up on a Sunday and had it done less than a week [later] on a Saturday,” Mosca said in an interview with Air Force Times.

“Our friends are everywhere," Smith said as he explained why they decided a Zoom wedding was best for them. "I have friends in the military in Germany, Japan, and she’s got friends in South America right now. So this is kind of a way everybody got to celebrate with us.”

The Zoom ceremony took place on April 25 with a “Zoom officiant"and included dozens of virtual guests. The reception included a cake cutting and toasts from family members.

“For us it was just a declaration of love in front of was a great way to really make it really official,” Mosca said.

Two days later, to make the marriage legal, the couple held a separate ceremony two days later at the local marriage license bureau with Mosca’s parents and Smith’s brother present.

Despite the distance separating guests during the virtual event, the dance floor was not empty for the occasion. The couple said they and their wedding guests performed the Cha Cha Slide together virtually.

“Everyone did it on their screen,” Mosca said.

Wedding guests also decked out their homes and made sure there was no shortage of wedding cake to celebrate Smith and Mosca.

“It definitely exceeded my expectations,” Smith said.

Although they had their eye on a wedding venue, they hadn’t set a date yet and are now looking at possibly using the venue to celebrate their anniversary next year instead. But even if they don’t, the couple has zero regrets getting married when they did.

“It just made a lot of sense and allows us to really start our life together,” Mosca said.