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Rallypoint 6

Rallypoint 6

Rallypoint 6

Address: 9881 Bridgeport Way SW, Lakewood, WA 98499
Phone Number: 253-777-0556
POC #1: Anne Sprute:
POC #2: Kylee Durant:
Web Address:

Mission: Our mission is to engage, mentor and encourage Service Members, Veterans, and their families in the next steps to completing their personal mission.

Communities across the U.S. are grappling with Veterans’ reintegration issues, as local communities are the new “home base” for Veterans and their families. Hundreds of thousands of service members who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan have come home to rejoin their families and communities. No one government agency or nonprofit organization has the resources or intellectual capital to provide a life- time of care and support for all military veterans and their families. The true expertise for success in civilian life lies in our communities, not in the Departments of Defense or Veterans Affairs.

RallyPoint/6TMis one of the first 20 sites in the nation that has been identified by the Points of Light Foundation as an official “Community Blueprint” initiative for Active and Reserve Military Service Members, their Families and Veterans in Washington State.

A consortium of public, private and community partners in Washington State are changing the way services are provided; a new strategy for how to better leverage existing programs and resources to build capacity, collaborate, share best practices, reduce duplication of services and join forces to serve the Veterans and military families of Washington State. Developed by a coalition of more than 55 veteran and military-serving organizations, nonprofits and government agencies, the Community Blueprint aims to inspire, equip, and mobilize veterans to engage their local communities through meaningful service. RallyPoint/6TMis leading this effort with the support of Veterans and passionate citizen leaders, combined with state and federal partners utilizing a shared model of best practices.

RallyPoint/6TMgives the local community tools, best practices and a framework to help foster coordina- tion and collaboration so that all veterans, military members and their families can get the help they need to be successful. RallyPoint/6TMfocuses on eight impact areas:
1) Community Reintegration
2) Employment
3) Education
4) Family Strength
5) Health/Behavioral Health
6) Finance/Legal
7) Housing Stability
8) Volunteerism

A “one stop shop” center; RallyPoint/6TM will become the community catalyst to capitalize on the ben- efits of community-based care, creating a systematic change strategy that guards against risk and is able to measure outcomes. It does so by establishing a convenient physical location in conjunction with a virtual domain and future satellite centers within the state that are focused on comprehensively supporting Veterans and their families by harnessing the resources that already exist in the community and providing a supportive pathway to wellness through integrated service offerings and a coordinated personalized approach.

Why Now?

Washington State has over 675,000 Veterans; Joint Base Lewis McChord (JBLM) is the largest military installation on the West Coast with over 155,000 active duty service members, family members, military retirees and DoD Employees. Our community understands the need and has the leadership, desire and drives to support the needs of all generations of Veterans and their families. The Departments of Veterans Affairs and Defense also recognize this shift toward community-based care, investing greater attention and resources in community approaches. Most importantly, the public funding is there now to develop community-based solutions, private corporations and foundations also are standing ready and understand the need to share the responsibility to support our Veterans and Military Families.

RallyPoint/6TMbrings together community leaders, individuals, government agencies and nonprofits to bring collaborative, integrated solutions to address the most common challenges facing veterans and military families. Volunteers, including Veterans themselves, are the power behind RallyPoint/6TM.