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Veterans Family Fund of America

Veterans Family Fund of America

Veterans Family Fund of America 

PO Box 962 

Olympia, WA, 98507

The Veterans Family Fund of America is dedicated to raising and dispersing funds to help the lives and futures of Veterans and their families when assistance is needed for those unexpected everyday life events that other government programs may not cover. These may include, utility bills, help with rent, a vehicle repair, etc. Whether you are a brand new veteran just leaving active duty or a veteran who has been away from military service for some time, finding employment, receiving health care, getting to rehabilitation appointments, managing those household responsibilities can be overwhelming. The VFFA can be a resource to help offset those expenses and help get you back on your feet and give you more time with your families.

The VFFA is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization made up of volunteers and veterans representing all branches of the armed forces. We work closely with the Department of Veterans Affairs to help us identify who our veterans are and provide updated information on what resources are available. Identifying the needs of our veterans helps us come up with and establish new projects. These projects can be in the therapeutic form of a music program to providing a bicycle to help in the veterans path to wellness.

Administrative overheads are kept very low so more donation dollars go to the veterans needing assistance. Our board of directors meet on a regular basis to share information, review requests for assistance and disperse funds when approved.

Please contact us with your request for assistance, your donation or to be a part of this rewarding organization. To our veterans, we thank you for your service.