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Washington Warrior Widows

Washington Warrior Widows

Washington Warrior Widows

Washington Warrior Widows
Contact info: Stephanie Groepper
Phone: 253-441-7233

We raise funds to help offset potential cost of having organized outings. These outings will be for both kids as well as the adults. Events such as these not only you but let the stalls know that they are not alone in the Greek. A military death is very different than civilian deaths. The spouse not only loses a loved one but also loses their way of life, a life like no other, military life and their military family. Our goal is to bring back what we once were able to have before the military budget cuts affected us and cut the budget of survivor outreach services.

In the future we would like to be able to partner with local businesses or individuals who wish to give back to their local widows. Many of the Washington State widows have small children and find it hard to do daily tasks such as mow the yard, clean the gutters or even having some “me” time. With proper funding and volunteers I see that a strong possibility is in our future.

Washington warrior widows is also a place for widows to turn to ask questions and receive resources on what is available to her.

This organization is ran and managed by military with those who have a desire to help others because we all live the life and know the struggle of what we face.

To receive funds and donations we plan on holding numerous fundraisers to bring awareness to our organization. These fundraisers will range from third-party sales (such as Scentsy and Thirty One) to bake sales. We plan on soliciting local businesses as well as citizens. With the funds we raise from the community as well as government grants, we will be able to provide a solid foundation to support the military windows/widowers and their children of Washington State.